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Questions about heritage of tribal leaders behind mega

COWLITZ COUNTY, Wash. Is the Cowlitz Indian Tribe trying to build its multi million dollar mega casino in Clark County on land that was never its traditional territory?

As a federal judge weighs that very question, KATU News has learned some tribal members are challenging their own leaders right to run the project.

Cowlitz Tribe member Steve Myers and his cousin, Thomas Hill, showed On Your Side Investigator Dan Tilkin internal tribal documents that raise new questions about whether some leaders of the Cowlitz tribal council even belong in the tribe.

not Indians, said Myers, who is a card carrying member of the Cowlitz and whose family has long played a role in tribal affairs. Myers’ aunt Hill mother was tribal secretary in the 1950s and 60s, taking over the position from her mother who served as secretary for decades before that.

It through Hill mother that the cousins came into possession of documents that cast doubt on the degree of tribal ancestry of three of the top eight administrators of the tribe. In other words,
best cards against humanity, there are questions about how much Cowlitz blood they actually have.

Federal officials themselves acknowledged problems with the Cowlitz enrollment records and the calculation of blood quanta when they issued their official recognition in 2000, stating that members do not appear to meet the petitioners own eligibility standards and that blood quantum of several new members who did not meet the minimum eligibility of 1/16th was calculated as much higher than the actual Cowlitz blood quantum.

Tribes are also obligated by law to adhere to the eligibility standards they adopt. Tribes can legally change them but that can cause real problems, according to the BIA: in the application of eligibility standards leaves a tribe open to serious membership disputes and to lawsuits and raises issues under the Indian Civil Rights Act. (Final Determination For Federal Acknowledgement of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, page 193)

The Cowlitz aren the only tribe facing questions about lineage and legitimacy as casino money hangs in the balance. Right now the Snoqualmie Tribe, which runs a casino resort near Seattle, is going through a vicious fight amongst its own members over who is legitimately in the tribe.

That standard called a blood quantum helped the federal government decide who qualified as a real Cowlitz member when the tribe was . The standard was a minimum 1/16th Cowlitz blood.

Tribe members now are entitled to share in any future casino proceeds, as decided by the tribal council. Membership also meant access to tribal related benefits subsidized housing for example, or monetary compensation.

Records show the tribe took the question of who was a Cowlitz very seriously Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) documents show controversies over qualification split the tribe in the early 1970s. The 1/16th rule was also used to disqualify entire families from having a voice a in tribal affairs (Anthropological Technical Report, page 89 and 105).

That is why Myers and Hill were shocked by the information they recently uncovered in enrollment documents they say belonged to Thomas late mother,
cards againsthumanity, the former tribal secretary. The documents lay out the relations used to establish the blood quanta of tribal administrator Carolee Morris, human resources director Nancy Osborne, and by association, since they are full siblings sharing the same parentage their brother, tribal enrollment officer Randy Russell.

The enrollment documents signed by Osborne in 1974 say she 1/8th Cowlitz Indian. But five years before that, just 1/32nd.

The documents on Osborne sister, Carolee, also show changing fractions of Cowlitz blood. A third enrollment form uncovered by the cousins and provided to the On Your Side Investigators suggests Morris blood quantum level and therefore shared by her brother and sister might actually be as low as 1/64th Cowlitz.

That means they wouldn have qualified for full membership in the tribe using the 1/16th standard on the books when the federal government officially recognized the tribe. Keep in mind, Morris has been a tribal leader since the 1970s and records show her sister, Nancy Osborne,
cards against humanity expansion, representing the tribe since the early 1990s. That was all during the time when the Cowlitz were barring others from membership because they lacked a 1/16th blood quantum.

Just months after the federal government recognized the Cowlitz as a tribe its leaders convinced tribe members to change the tribal constitution and remove any minimum blood quantum. Both Nancy Osborne and Carolee Morris held tribal leadership positions at the time.

The KATU On Your Side Investigators tried talking to each of the tribal leaders about the documents provided to us by the cousins the answer was no. Instead the tribal chairman leveled accusations of his own, writing in an email, “These records are stolen confidential records. Please return all of the records you have, as they are tribal property. They are out of date,
cards against humainty, incomplete and inaccurate. Our roles are certified and confidential. For further inquiry about enrollment or tribal records, I will refer you to the BIA.”

But when it comes to bad blood, the Bureau of Indian Affairs refuses to get involved. In a statement, the regional director here in Portland told KATU they determine tribal membership that internal. The tribe sets the standard. We are not privy to knowing their lineage.

Lawyers representing Clark County in their challenge to the Cowlitz casino proposal say tribal membership is not something the federal judge would resolve in her land use decision.

But the cousins hope these documents that question whether the people who stand to profit from the casino even belong to the Cowlitz tribe, will convince Cowlitz members to rethink their support of their leaders.

“They become recognized, then after they become recognized they changed the rules, because none of these people met the blood quantum to be enrolled in the tribe prior to recognition, said Steve Myers. rewrote history.”

His cousin, Thomas Hill, last week filed suit against the tribe in federal court, seeking to have the 1/16th blood quantum requirement reinstated and all who fall short of it including Carolee Morris, Nancy Osborne and Randy Russell be struck from the membership roll.

I have so many emotions running through my mind of WHO ARE THEY that questions anyone for who they are or what blood runs through the veins.? I Robin am NOT a liar by choice however in the schools they lie history in my sons books! of the grandfathers that walked this Americas land. People that are able to walk, walk from the ways that control anothers even when away. Here for those, Not until the last animal is hunted, tree is cut, river poisoned and fish caught will you know that money cant be eaten. “CREE” (smartest words ever will I hear because my heartfollows these rules”I “Robin” if money is the reason I am proud of having grandparents i didn’t apply,they livetho still! Native Americans are better at knowing money is nothing won’t feed anything living . karama is mighty for me good and bad. stronger then your dollars! paitent those that are hurting, heal quite Man is not the only one with weapons hear her heart beat pick up the drum to remmber and do remember! please happy journey to all

Personally, rather than cut off enrollment at 12 months old, Does not make the least bit of sense if you have tribal enrolled family members! According to Rod Van Mechelen. To be a member of an Indian tribe is to be a member

Personally I think that those leaders that lied or had falsified enrollment documents with changing Blood quantums should not only be prosecuted, But should actually be the ones banned from the tribe! If we can not trust over so called leaders. Whom can we trust!

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Single Vision

Bifocals vs. Progressive

Advantages and disadvantages exist between progressive lenses and traditional bifocals. Progressive lenses are becoming more popular due to their versatility and .

No line bifocals and progressive lenses are often confused with each other. However, they provide vision correction in distinct ways. Understanding the differences.

Standard Progressive Lenses Vs,
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Progressive lenses are a kind of lens worn for presbyopia and give users an alternative to bifocals or trifocals. Two types of.

Progressive Vs. Lined Bifocal Lenses

One major complaint of those who wear progressive lenses for the first time is that vision through the outer edge of the.

How to Use Reading Glasses

If your arms suddenly aren long enough to read the paper,
cards against humanity retail, consider yourself lucky you have survived your youth and are still around.

Bifocal Lenses Vs. Progressive Lenses

Spectacles that provide more than one correction in the same pair of eye wear are typically fitted with progressive lenses or bifocal,
cards against humanity retailers.

Progressive Vs. Lined Bifocals

Bifocals and progressives are both a style of lenses for glasses that are designed to help you see in the distance and.

Different Kinds of Progressive Bifocals

Progressive Lenses Vs,
cards against humanity for sale. Trifocal Lenses

The difference of progressive lenses vs. trifocal lenses is an extremely small, non visible line that separates the segmented parts of lenses. Progressive.

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Razr phone boosts Motorola to No

Reviews Top Categories Phones Laptops TVs Tablets Cameras Appliances Car Tech Audio Desktops Software Headphones Printers Networking Wearable Tech Deals

How To Top Categories Computers Home Entertainment Internet Phones Photography Security Tablets ForumsLog In to CNET Join Motorola is once again the No. 2 cell phone maker worldwide, with strong sales of its Razr handsets pushing Samsung back to third place, industry analysts said. Industry watcher Gartner, in a report released Thursday, showed how a single product can swing a company’s fortunes. In this case, it was the ultrathin cell phone, released in July and originally intended for the ultrachic. But, in a pleasant surprise for Motorola, sales really took off in September, when the Razr proved to have a much wider appeal. More than a million of the slim handsets have been sold.

Motorola hopes to get an even bigger boost in the next few weeks with the release of a Razr capable of playing songs distributed by Apple Computer’s popular iTunes service.

As Samsung and Motorola flip flopped position, perennial No. 1 Nokia lost 4 percent of its market share during 2004, according to the report. The Finnish handset maker’s shortage of lower priced phones early in 2004 helped Motorola,
carda against humanity, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson gain market share. But Nokia rebounded strongly, and crept back over the 30 percent mark by year’s end,
card against humanity, according to Gartner. No. 2 Motorola has a 15.4 percent share while Samsung, which barely edged out Motorola briefly last year,
cards against humanity game, came in with 12.6 percent.

“Nokia stabilized its market share at the end of 2004, after the challenges of the first two quarters,” Gartner principal analyst Ben Wood said in a statement. “It must regain the initiative in terms of brand and technology leadership in the face of strong competition.”

free cards against humanity, 674 million cell phones were sold worldwide in 2004, a 30 percent increase from the year before. Gartner credited the increase in part to emerging cell phone markets in Latin America. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed.

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